Aircon Chemical Wash Price: Best Guidelines

Before discussing the aircon chemical wash price we must know what is an aircon chemical wash?

An air conditioning unit’s inside components are cleaned using specialized chemical solutions during an aircon chemical wash. Compared to just taking out the filter and giving it a wipe-down, this cleaning technique is more comprehensive. To reach inner parts like the evaporator coil, fan blade, and drainage tray during the chemical wash, the front cover of the air conditioning unit must be removed. To get rid of any accumulated dirt, dust, mold, or other contaminants that might be impairing the performance of the device, the chemical solution is next administered to these parts. When the air conditioning machine has been thoroughly cleaned, it is put back together and checked to make sure it is operating as it should. Normally, an experienced air conditioning technician performs this process.

Why do you need an aircon chemical wash?

There are several factors why you need it. These are given below:

Safety from breakdown: if you do the aircon chemical wash on daily basis it may prevent breakdown and also increase the life of the aircon. It is just because washing it with the aircon chemical it removes all dirt and other particles which may put a bad effect on the functions of the aircon or may damage as well.

Better cooling function: Aircon chemical wash improves the cooling function. By using it coil and other components of the Aircon interior work properly because dust and dirt cause the improper functioning of interior components and reduce the cooling function of the aircon. Aircon chemical wash can make it possible to work properly.

Energy savings: Aircon chemical wash causes the Aircon to work more efficiently and effectively. When aircon works efficiently it uses less energy because when there is dirt on interior components aircon does not work properly and in order to produce cooling it uses more energy and could be very expensive.

Better air quality: Aircon gives dirty and not-so-fresh air when there is dirt on the fan or interior of the aircon. Cleaning it with aircon chemical remove all kind of dirt from it and give clean and fresh air as well.

Factors that affect the aircon chemical wash price

  • Number of cleaning
  • services by professional
  • Size and type
  • other services
  • Accessibility

The number of cleaning: The first factor is the cost depends on the number of cleaning that how much time you clean it. if you use an aircon chemical wash on a regular basis then it must be cheaper than using it once a year or a month.

services by professional: The second factor depends upon the service provider you hire for the aircon chemical wash because different professionals and service providers have different rates according to their experience and quality of workmanship.

Size and type: The third and most important factor is based on the size and type of aircon. small size aircon need a low amount of aircon chemical wash which is not costly but the aircon bigger in size required more chemical to clean properly which is very costly.

Other services: Some professionals and service providers not only give the services of aircon chemical wash but sometimes due to lack of maintenance your aircon does not clean properly and for proper functioning there will be one solution which is the replacement of that interior component which is not working like replacement of the filter. The service provider gives the service of leakage detection and filter replacement as well.

Reachability: it can be very costly if there is difficulty to reach the aircon. if the aircon is located in a tight place and difficult to reach it could require more time and some other equipment to reach and to wash it with chemicals because of this reason it could be very costly.

The average price of aircon chemical wash:

Normally the price range of aircon chemical wash is $80 to $200 as we discussed above that price mainly depends on many factors like size&type of the aircon mainly depends on the service provider and additional services etc.

if we talk about price range according to size$type then the price for large aircon must be higher than the small aircon because large aircon is usually complex to handle on the other hand if you talk about small aircon which is normally used in homes and apartments price will be low cause these kind of aircon are easy to handle.

if you talk about the service provider the price will be different some additional services like drainage, filter replacement, etc these services could increase the overall price.

Guide to finding the best deals

if you want to find the best deals according to your range you must remember these things before hiring a professional for the aircon chemical wash:

Search different professionals: Before hiring a professional aircon chemical wash you must search different service providers and compare them with each other then select the best option for you.

Suggestions: just ask your friends, family, or neighbor and get the suggestions they may refer to the best option just simply tell them about your requirements and also tell them about your budgets and then ask. They will refer you to which will be right according to your situation.

Discounts: Always look for the discount different service providers give a discount to attract all the new members toward themselves. if you are about are worried that how can you get a discount than just simply set your location and search on google all providers who are giving discounts will come who are in your area. you can directly ask for a discount from the services provider.

Negotiate:  when you have done all the above procedures like searching&finding and you also find the best discount but you still think that the price is higher than your budget you can negotiate as well. Ask the provider to decrease the price if the provider agrees then just hire that provider for your aircon chemical wash.

If you do all these tips we must say that you will get the best option for aircon chemicals wash.

DIY vs professional

We all know that DIY is much cheaper than professional but before doing anything you must consider all these points which will make it easy for you to select the best option.

 Advantages of DIY aircon chemical wash:

  • The material will be cheaper for DIY as compared to professional.
  • In DIY you all have control over doing chemical washing and can do it according to your satisfaction.
  • you will do your work on your own time in this way you can save your time.


  • if you work in the wrong manner your aircon will get damaged
  • For aircon chemical wash, you need special tools for doing it.

Advantages of Professional aircon chemical wash:

  • Firstly professionals have all the necessary equipment required for an aircon chemical wash.
  • professionals easily find the problems and easily settle down all the problems.
  • your time and hustle of doing aircon chemical wash can be saved if you hire a professional.


  • The professional can be more expensive than DIY.


If your Aircon not showing good performance or if not cleaned regularly then you must need more aircon chemicals which can be very costly. But regular maintenance reduces the cost and also increases the life of the aircon as well.

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