First air conditioner

First air conditioner: The unexpected History

The first air conditioner was invention of Willis Carrier. He was the American engineer who invent the First air conditioner in the world in 1902. There was the major issue of humidity while printing the paper which lead to the problem in printing paper. Willis observed that problem and start his work on making the very first air conditioner in the world and succeed in 1902 and come up with the solution to humidity which is the air conditioner. The first air conditioner is based on a refrigeration system. As time passed the technology of air conditioners improved very quickly. It started to be used in houses and buildings as well.

The reason why the first air conditioner was needed?

In the 20th century, people of the world are suffering from high humidity levels and especially it’s putting a bad impact on industries and businesses as well. In the paper printing industry, people are facing the problem of poor printing of paper due to high temperatures the paper  contract or expand. This the reason why the first air conditioner was needed

Beginning of  the 20th century

The American scientist whom the name was Willis Carrier also known by the name of the Father of air conditioner after its invention. He was appointed in the 20th century for solving the problem of humidity. His invention contains air that comes from coils when air comes outside it is moist. This system controls the continuous heat of nature and maintains a cold environment in place. Willis Carrier called its system apparatus for treating air which was patented in 1906.

First air conditioner and its uses:

The main purpose of it was to control the temperature. In the beginning stages, it was used in the printing industry. Right after some time is used for many other purposes in different places. As the technology improves it started to be used in food industries which helps to reduce the loss of food due to high temperatures. It is also used in textile industries and many other industries when it solves problems of all large-scale levels. It started to be used as a luxury in homes and buildings as well.

The process of the First air conditioner and how it works

The First air conditioner worked according to a process which was called dew point control.

  • The is exhausted with the help of a vent the main purpose of this process is to remove all dust particles from the air.
  • The main purpose of the second step is to produce moist air and remove heat from it. It is done when the coil is filled with cold water and passes the air over it producing cold and moist air.
  • After this step it produces low-humid air.
  • By using other vents the cold air circulates back into the room.
  • There must be the possibility of the temperature may getting down to an unbearable rate that’s why he uses a mores coil filled with hot water and it is used when required.
  • To circulate air in the room more efficiently a fan is used as well to circulate the air properly.

The basic principle which was invented by the Father of the first air conditioner is still used in modern technologies. Modern technologies evolved in a good manner that they work more effectively.

The positive impact of Air conditioners in different fields of life

Right from its invention to nowadays Air conditioning put a very good and positive effect on different fields. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Workplace
  • Appliances and gadgets


Air conditioner brings a great revolution to the entertainment industry. All the indoor activities like movies in the cinema, and indoor sports like tennis and badminton are enjoyable by only one thing that is the air conditioner.


The comfortable environment is just done by the air conditioner. It makes the education level comfortable for teachers as well as students. Now with the help of an air conditioner study is possible in high-temperature areas as well. Now students cannot miss their important classes due to high temperatures or humidity because the solution is already here which the air conditioner is.


Air conditioner put a positive impact on patients by maintaining a suitable level of temperature. It helps to remove or reduce the infectious disease which grows due to humidity. Air conditioner’s temperature maintaining quality help to recover patients in less time because high temperature may cause other diseases.


Air conditioner put a positive impact on the productivity of the workplace. A result of a survey shows that people who are working in temperature maintained environment work more effectively and give more production as compared to workers who work where the temperature is not maintained. Because high temperatures may cause heat stork and these kinds of problems.

Appliances and gadgets

In high temperatures and heat electric appliances and gadgets get slow like computers and cell phones etc processes slow down due to an increase in temperature but when they are used in an environment where the temperature is maintained they work properly. it can only be done by Air conditioner.

Most common myths about Air conditioners

There are a number of misconceptions and myths about air conditioners. which are completely wrong so do not put your mind on all those wrong concepts. After readings this part you will aware of all these myths about air conditioners.

Bad impact on the environment: There are many other options available which are environment friendly and energy efficient as well so just use these kinds of the air-conditioner. do not use air conditioners which are contributing to the emission of Carbon.

Necessary always: There is always a misconception that you always need an air conditioner. It is necessary only when the temperature is high outside and you can maintain the inside temperature. It depends on the weather condition. when the temperature is pleasant no scorching heat outside then you do not need it.

High cost: It is true that installing an air conditioner is very costly and expensive but it could be very helpful in saving money.


The father of air conditioners gave us his legacy which is helpful nowadays. Willis carrier invented a value-added invention for technology. There are many other problems that we need to overcome. we hope for better improvements in air conditioner systems that will help to improve the quality of life for the whole world.

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