Inteset Universal Remote: Unleash Magic

Unlocking the Magic of Inteset Universal Remote


Are you tired of fumbling through a sea of remotes just to watch your favorite show? Say goodbye to remote control chaos and hello to the Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote Control. In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of programming this fantastic device, providing you with the ultimate control over your entertainment center.

Inteset Universal Remote Codes List

Before we dive into the programming details, let’s get acquainted with the Inteset Universal Remote Codes List. These codes are your secret sauce for syncing your Inteset remote with various brands and devices. Check out the list below:

Brand Name Remote Codes
Haier 00639
Hisense 00551
Insignia 00545
JVC 29247
LG 00516, 00683
Magnavox 61553
Panasonic 47149
Philips 63428
Samsung 00521
Sanyo 00279
Sharp 43500
Sony 14917
TCL 00629, 00492
Toshiba 52389
VIZIO 00344

How to Program Inteset Universal Remote: Step by Step

1. Turn On Device

First things first, power up the device you want to control with your Inteset remote, whether it’s your TV, DVD player, or something else.

2. Choose Your Device Key

Now, decide which device you want to program on your remote (A, B, C, or D).

3. Set It Up

Hold down the “Set” button on your remote until you see the red LED light blink twice, then release it.

4. Enter Setup Code

Input the setup code for your device from the database search. Each digit you enter will make the LED blink once. If the code is correct, the LED will blink twice.

5. Test It Out

Point your remote at your device and press the power button. If your device powers off, you’re golden. If not, repeat steps 3 to 5 with a different code until you find the right one.

6. Control More Devices

If you have more devices to conquer, simply repeat steps 1 to 5 for each one.

How to Program Inteset Universal Remote With Auto Search

In the auto search method, your remote scans through universal remote codes one by one until it finds the right one for your device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on the device you want to control, like your TV.
  2. Activate the remote by holding the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, or OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light will indicate that the remote is ready to program.
  3. Point the remote at the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons. The remote will send on/off signals. Continue pressing the “up” or “down” key until the device turns off.
  4. Confirm the code by pressing the power button. If your device turns on, try changing the channel to ensure the remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Save the code by pressing the “device” button. The LED on the device will blink twice to confirm that the code is stored.

How to Program Inteset Universal Remote With Manual Method

If you prefer using keycodes to program your universal remote, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device you want to control.
  2. Press the “TV” button on your Inteset universal remote.
  3. Hold down the “Setup button” on the remote until the light flashes, indicating it’s in “Learning mode.”
  4. Enter the keycode from the instructions booklet.
  5. Point the remote at the TV and press and hold the power button until the screen turns off.
  6. Release the power button. Your TV should now work seamlessly with the universal remote control. If it doesn’t, try another code from the reference table.

How to Program Inteset Universal Remote With Code Search

If you can’t find the right key code for your device, use the code search mode. Here’s how:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Press and hold the “Setup” button.
  3. Enter the code “9-9-1.”
  4. Hold down the “Power Button” on the remote and press the Channel up button repeatedly until the device, in this case, your TV, turns off.

This method may take a bit more time, but it’s crucial for finding the correct key code. Once you’ve completed these steps, your remote should work for all functions.

Best Features of Inteset Universal Remote

The Inteset Universal Remote comes with a treasure trove of features to enhance your entertainment experience:

  • Pre-programmed with Apple TV, Xbox One, Media Center/Kodi, and Roku device codes (excluding Roku Stick), which are easily changeable.
  • Full LED Backlighting on all buttons for easy navigation in the dark.
  • Volume Lock lets you lock the volume control in all modes.
  • Channel Lock allows you to lock access to channel changing in specific modes.
  • ID Lock ensures your selected code remains locked in.
  • Macro Programming lets you program a string of up to 15 commands within a mode or across multiple modes.
  • Device Code Database offers a comprehensive worldwide list of device codes.
  • Library Search Capability enables you to search for missing codes in the database.
  • Learning Capability lets you program any device not found in the database.


If you ever need assistance with Inteset universal remote codes or have questions about programming, feel free to contact us. We’re here to provide suggestions and resolve any issues you may encounter. Keep visiting for updates on universal remote codes, and say goodbye to remote control headaches forever!


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