Orion TV Universal Remote Codes

Orion TV Universal Remote Codes

Having trouble syncing your universal remote to your Orion TV? We’ve got you covered. Discover our extensive code list and a simple, detailed setup guide for your Orion TV universal remote.


Kickstart: A Deep Dive Into Universal Remotes and Orion TV

While universal remotes boast immense convenience, they sometimes give us a hiccup, especially when pairing with brands like Orion. No worries, though! We’re here to offer you a hassle-free walkthrough, complete with codes specific to Orion TVs.

Are Orion TVs and Universal Remotes a Good Pair?

Thinking whether your remote is compatible with Orion TV? The good news is: in most instances, they are! We provide codes and guidelines suited for a myriad of universal remotes.

Orion TV Universal Remote 4-Digit Code Collection

1056 1030 … (and other codes not listed)

Orion TV Universal Remote 3-Digit Code Catalog

081 136 … (and other codes not listed)

Fun Fact:

Universal remotes can sometimes demand codes of various lengths—be it 3, 4, or even 5 digits!

Spotlight on Universal Remote Codes for Orion TVs

Need a quick reference for your specific universal remote model? Browse through the codes below:

  • Brand Primary Codes
    RCA Universal 030, 035, 191… (and more)
    GE Universal 035, 121, 135… (and more)
    VIZIO Universal 0121, 0135, 0035
    ONN Universal 5011, 5028… (and more)
    Philips Universal 0713, 0115, 0105

Synchronizing Your Orion TV Universal Remote: Top 3 Techniques Ready with your code list? Let’s get to the syncing process. We present three techniques for your ease:

1. Auto-Search Technique Can’t find the codes? This technique will scour all the possibilities for you.

  • Turn on your desired device, for instance, the TV.
  • Press and hold your remote’s device button (like TV or DVD) until the LED indicator illuminates.
  • Direct the remote towards the device and shuffle between “CH+” and “CH-” until the device shuts off.
  • Press the “power” to cross-verify. If it turns on, you’re all set!
  • To store your code, simply tap the “device” button.

2. Manual Code Entry Technique If you’re armed with a particular code, employ this method.

  • Activate the desired device.
  • Click the “TV” button on your remote.
  • Press and maintain the “Setup” until the LED flashes.
  • Key in your unique code.
  • Aim your remote at the TV and press the “Power” button until the TV powers down.

3. Code Scouring Technique Can’t spot your desired code? This method will assist in locating it.

  • Activate your gadget.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button.
  • Key in the combination “9-9-1”.
  • Maintain the “Power” button and hit the channel up button until the device switches off.

Frequently Asked Questions for Orion TV Universal Remote Configuration

Can Universal Remotes Sync with Orion TVs?

Most universal remotes can be paired with Orion TVs. However, to ensure a seamless connection, always refer to your remote’s manual for explicit instructions and compatibility.

What to Do When No Codes Work?

If you find yourself unable to connect using the provided codes, don’t fret! Trying the auto-search or code discovery method is the way to go. Though these methods might test your patience a bit, they’re known to be effective.

How Often Should I Resync My Remote?

After successfully setting up your remote with your Orion TV, you shouldn’t need to go through the syncing process again. However, if you change your TV or remote, a fresh setup might be necessary.

Common Codes for Orion TVs?

The exact code to sync your remote with an Orion TV will vary based on the remote’s model. It’s best to check your remote’s manual for the most commonly used codes for Orion TVs.

Can One Code Work for Multiple Orion TVs?

In many cases, a single code will work for different models of Orion TVs. Yet, it’s essential to remember that there could be a few exceptions to this general rule.

Duration of the Syncing Process?

If you’ve got the correct code or use the right pairing method, syncing your universal remote with an Orion TV typically takes just a few minutes!

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