Programming Your Panasonic Blu-Ray Universal Remote

A Guide to Programming Your Panasonic Blu-Ray Universal Remote in English

Tired of fumbling with your Panasonic Blu-ray player’s universal remote? Your solution is here! In this user-friendly guide, we offer you an extensive list of both 4 and 5-digit Panasonic Blu-ray universal remote codes. Regardless of your code preference, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we’ll walk you through various programming techniques to ensure your remote seamlessly controls your Panasonic Blu-ray player. Let’s get started and transform your entertainment experience.


Discover the Perfect Code

Panasonic Blu-Ray 5 Digit Universal Remote Codes Find below a compilation of 5-digit universal remote codes compatible with various Panasonic Blu-Ray players, including Smart Network WI-FI ready models and Panasonic 4K Upscaling 2D/3D Blu-Ray Disc & Streaming Players:

  • 20490
  • 20703
  • 21490
  • 20632
  • 20503
  • 21641
  • 21579
  • 21762

Panasonic Blu-Ray 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes Prefer 4-digit codes? Here’s a list for your Panasonic Blu-Ray player:

  • 0820
  • 0862
  • 0716
  • 0733
  • 0740

Effortless Programming Steps

1. Programming Without Codes In the auto-search method, your universal remote scans for compatible codes one at a time. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on the device (e.g., TV) you want to control with the universal remote.
  • Activate the remote by pressing and holding the appropriate device button (e.g., TV, DVD, CBL, OK/SEL) for 3 seconds; look for the LED light to confirm readiness.
  • Point the remote at the device and press the “CH+” and “CH-” buttons alternately until the device turns off.
  • Confirm the code by pressing the “Power” key. If the device powers on, try changing channels to verify proper programming.
  • Save the code by pressing the “Device” button; you’ll see the LED blink twice to confirm.

2. Programming With Keycode Using a keycode, you can easily program your universal remote. Here’s how:

  • Turn on the device you want to control.
  • Press the “TV” button on your Panasonic Blu-Ray universal remote.
  • Hold down the “Setup button” until the LED flashes (indicating it’s in “Learning mode”).
  • Enter the keycode you found in the programming guide (Instructions Booklet).
  • Point your remote at the TV and hold the “Power” button until the screen turns off.
  • Release the “Power Button” when the screen switches off. Your TV should now work seamlessly with the universal remote.

3. Programming With Code Search If you can’t find the correct key code, use this manual method to put your universal remote into search mode:

  • Turn on your device.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button.
  • Enter the code “9-9-1” (three digits).
  • Hold down the “Power Button” on the remote and press the “Channel up” button repeatedly until the device (in this case, your TV) turns off. This method may take a bit longer but is essential for finding the correct key code. Once done, your remote should work flawlessly with all device functions.

We’re Here to Assist You!

We believe these methods and codes have successfully programmed your Panasonic Blu-Ray Player and favorite remote control. If you found this article helpful, please provide us with feedback to help us improve our site. Additionally, if you have new universal remote control codes that work for you, please share them in the comments below. Your contributions will benefit other users looking for remote control solutions.

FAQs Q: Can I use a 3-digit code for my Panasonic Blu-ray remote?

A: Yes, you can use both 3-digit and 4/5-digit codes for your Panasonic Blu-ray remote.

Q: Are these codes compatible with all Panasonic Blu-ray players?

A: These codes should work with various Panasonic Blu-ray players, including Smart Network WI-FI ready models and 4K Upscaling 2D/3D Blu-Ray Disc & Streaming Players.

Q: What do I do if none of the listed codes work for my device?

A: Try the manual programming methods mentioned in this guide. If you still encounter issues, consult your device’s user manual or contact Panasonic customer support for assistance.

Q: Can I program multiple devices with a single universal remote?

A: Yes, most universal remotes allow you to control multiple devices like TVs, DVD players, and cable boxes. Follow the programming instructions for each device.

Q: Where can I find more remote control solutions and troubleshooting tips?

A: Visit our website for additional articles, guides, and tips on remote control programming and troubleshooting.


Programming your Panasonic Blu-ray player’s universal remote doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right codes and methods, you can enjoy hassle-free control of your entertainment devices. Don’t forget to share your feedback and additional codes in the comments section to help fellow users achieve the perfect remote control setup.


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