Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal Remote Code

Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal Remote Code


In the ever-evolving tech industry, universal remote codes have become increasingly popular. Many individuals, like yourself, seek the convenience of using various universal remote controls. If you’re navigating the operation of your Yamaha Blu-ray player, we’ve got you covered with an array of remote codes. Explore these codes with any of your remote controls to seamlessly program your device.

Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

Discover the diverse set of 4-digit remote codes below, suitable for various Yamaha Blu-ray models:

  • 2064
  • 2448
  • 2449
  • 2474
  • 2505

More Yamaha Universal Remote Codes for other Audio Video Components:

Brand Name Remote Codes
Yamaha CD Player 5082, 5095
Yamaha CD Recorder 5083
Yamaha MD (Mini Disc) 5080, 5081, 5086
Yamaha Tape 5084, 5087
Yamaha Tuner 5066, 5085, 5088, 5090, 5092
Yamaha LD (Laser Disc) 2080
Yamaha Amplifier 5019, 5020, 5098

How to Program Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal Remote

Auto Search Method

In this method, the universal remote goes through a scanning process to identify the correct code for your device. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Switch On: Power up the device you want the universal remote to operate.
  2. Turn On: Activate the remote and press the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light indicates readiness.
  3. Scan Codes: Point the remote at the device, click on “CH+” & “CH-” switches. Continue until the device turns off.
  4. Verification: Confirm by clicking the “power” key. If successful, change the channel to ensure correct programming.
  5. Save Code: Tap the “device” button to save. The LED will blink twice, confirming code storage.

Manual Method

Programming with a keycode is efficient. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn On Device: Power up the device.
  2. Setup: Press “TV” on your Yamaha Blu-Ray universal remote.
  3. Learning Mode: Hold the “Setup” button until the light flashes (indicating “Learning mode”).
  4. Enter Keycode: Input the keycode from the programming guide.
  5. Power On: Point the remote at the TV, press and hold the Power button. Release when the screen switches off.

Code Search

If the key code eludes you, use the search mode:

  1. Turn On Device: Power up the device.
  2. Setup: Press and hold the “Setup” button.
  3. Enter Code: Input “9-9-1” (three digits).
  4. Search: Hold down the “Power Button” and press Channel up until the device turns off.


  1. What are Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes?
    • The codes include 2064, 2448, 2449, 2474, and 2505.
  2. How does Auto Search work?
    • Auto Search scans codes, identifying the correct one for your device.
  3. Can I use Manual Method with any TV?
    • Yes, the Manual Method is versatile and can be used with any TV.
  4. What’s the purpose of Code Search?
    • Code Search helps find the correct key code for your device.
  5. Are there more Yamaha remote codes for other devices?
    • Yes, check the table for codes related to various Yamaha audio-video components.
  6. How do I leave feedback on this article?
    • If you found this article helpful, please leave your feedback in the comments below.


If you found value in this article, your feedback is invaluable. It motivates us to enhance our site and assist others searching for their remote codes. Additionally, we welcome new universal remote control codes that have worked for you. Share them in the comments, and we’ll pass them on to fellow users through our site.

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